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Thread: What is a non-working link?

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    If a link does not direct you to your desired site that means not working link in my opinion.

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    Simplify things for all of you.

    A non-working link is one that goes nowhere!
    It leads to a error page, or a site not found page.

    That's it!
    Anything else you read here that is different from the above is just people posting nonsense.

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    If a link is able to establish the connection between two pages, sites or destination, that is a Working Link. Just if the link is not found you can see a 404 page not found error.

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    if the link fails to establish the connection between two pages, sites or destination, that is a Non-working Link.

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    you are check the your total link in the seo spyglass and you know that non working link.

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    It is easy to find which link is working or which link is not working. If the link fails to ascertain the connection between two pages, sites or purpose, that is a Non-working Link.

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    If the link lead you to the webpage of website, it is said to be a working link

    suppose, if a link does not lead you to webpage , it is said to be a non-working link.

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    Invalid URL or Incomplete URL are called non working links. These links are more harmful in SEO keyword ranks and site page ranks.

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    Non working link is like dead link, broken link, empty link which results to error 404 page and pass no value in the website's reputation.

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    IMO a working link is a link that people click on and bring UV to your site

    A nonworking link, is the links that does not get clicked on yet you spend your valuable time building 100's of backlinks that do nothing.

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