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Thread: Why so few backlinks found?

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    Google not shows all back links only quality.

  2. Google shows backlinks from quality sites only

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    I've also heard that Google only counts certain ones with a particular PR.

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    As the three posters above share not only an opinion but a keyboard... wishing them a fond goodbye.
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    The best one is need to check your backlink in Backlink Checker - it helps exact backlinks of your website.


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    I think you should wait for sometime, it might taking more time to crawl the sites. I would suggest don't rely on such backilink package services, I would say manual link building is the best way to generate more backlinks to your site.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mtford View Post
    Last week I subscribed to the Silver Package at Links From PR9 Sites - Unique Link Building Service With 12 Months Link Guarantee. I got my first link building report today, with a list of 120 new links. However, when I run the backlink checker, I find only 7 links, with 1 link listed as "working". Why are all the other backlinks not found? Does it take some time for them to show up?
    For finding your backlinks you can use this link Reciprocal Link Checker

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    Backlink watch is the best tool for checking backlinks.

  9. I think you should await for few days next. This is part of backlink process that crawl by search engine.

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    It's either the tool checker only shows some of your backlinks but not all the links or the page is not index in the search engine. Did your try to submit your website in different platforms.

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