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Thread: Blog Comments from Major Domains

  1. Blog Comments from Major Domains

    i suddenly got tons of comments lately but their links are and bing and, their comments are senseless by the way so i attempt to categorized then as spam.

    hope you won't find this ridiculous
    if i consider them spam with their links such as, and bing
    will these search engine still index me on top?

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    If you are talking about comments posted on a WordPress blog, those comments are spam and should be removed.They are unrelated to your post and dilute the content on the page. The spammers are trying to scam you into thinking that the links are from people who work at major search engines.

    There is no value to your site whether or not users leave links to sites. Unless you have disabled the nofollow feature, all comment links on WordPress blogs are automatically neutralized using the nofollow attribute.

    My advice is to use the Akismet plugin and report every one of those links as spam.
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  3. I think the trick is that they want to get one comment on your blog approved with the Google URL, then hope that your anti-spam software sees them as trusted enough to auto-approve their next comment -- the one with the URL pointing to the porn/viagra/poker site.
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  4. how combatant. so if i approved some of them, akismet later won't consider them as spam?
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    What Will said.
    I see it happen all the time, first few blog comments are inane but use authority sites.
    Then the commenter thinks now he/she is safe and Akismet will bypass them from then on.

    I spam them if they get by Akismet on my blogs.

    Oh, one other thing I do on my blogs?
    People who register and use nonsensical usernames like: akljafdgqewt, or 23ghouj346t, or anything other than a viable name.
    They just register to see if they can slide by to spam.
    Or they are bots, auto commenting software, etc.

  6. Commenters with as their username link make no sense to me. Likelihood of someone from Google posting on my sites is next to zero, and why would Google need a link back? It's an obvious spam tactic, and annoying like most of them.

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