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Thread: [FREE] Dofollow Blog Commenting List

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    Thumbs up [FREE] Dofollow Blog Commenting List


    I am sharing 10 blogposts with dofollow attribute and Pagerank to comment on. So, by commenting on these PR pages, you will get a dofollow backlink.

    1x Pr5 Link, 1x PR3 Link, 3x PR2, 1x PR1, 4x PR-0
    Total = 10 Blog posts

    So, What are you waiting for

    Download: Click Here

  2. Thanks for offering the information, but having a massive amount of people comment on these posts are going to damage the benefits you were going to get anyway. Even if there aren't many low quality posts when you put yours on you can count on the fact that there will be many many more to come. Seems like a waste of time to me.

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    There is no such thing as "dofollow". Also if you're only intention of commenting on blogs is to get a backlink, you are more than likely not going to get one.

    We bloggers know exactly when someone actually cares about the post they comment on and when someone is just commenting for the sake of a link.

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    No such thing as a do follow attribute.

    And like my blogs, I see all comments so that I can approve, delete as spam, trash or just crap.

    Most comments I get are trash and spam.

    And most blog owners know what is good and what is bad.

    So, who needs a list?

    When it is so much easier to search for a blog or blogs in your niche via google or bing?

    Again what I have always said, who the heck cares if a link is do follow or no follow?
    Smart webmasters know that a link is a link is a link.

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    Don't know how about you guys, but I never use shared lists. They're often spammed to death. I never appreciate posts like this.

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    I can understand that there are only 'nofollow' attributes, but if a post isn't 'nofollow', isn't it 'dofollow'?

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    Any link NOT specifically showing NO FOLLOW attribution, is a DO FOLLOW link.
    Simple aint it?
    Posts on a blog?
    Unless you block search engines from finding your post or blog, it is picked up by search engines.
    There is no (do follow) (no follow) attributes for a post.

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    Most of the spammer looks for this so called do follow blog commenting sites and Google consider this as link schemes that violates quality guidelines.

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    Not really if done right.
    Google does not get excited about blog commenting.
    As much as they do guest blogging.
    Odd but true.

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    Blog commenting strategies should be more on relationship building and establishing online reputation than just getting a link juice.
    It will be totally worthless if you aim for backlinks only. But if you contribute well and share your knowlede in a blog communities then the benefits of it will be good for long term.

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