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Thread: How Good is Blog Commenting In Terms of getting traffic?

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    How Good is Blog Commenting In Terms of getting traffic?

    I wanna know experts' points on blog comments.
    How good could they be in terms of getting traffic?

    I recognized that provides such a service..
    Will it be reasonable to deal with them? Are they professional?

    So, any help guys?

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    I am not an expert in blog commenting, but know some things about the topic of my blog. Because of that I do not hire or let anyone represent me except a few people in my network who I do research with. I would say that if you find someone who knows enough to impress readers, hire him or her. But keep an eye on things and make sure that the comments:

    1) Are relevant to the specific topic of the post.
    2) Add some information not discussed in the post.
    3) Correct flaws in the post or ask for clarification of claims not substantiated by proof.

    Good luck. You won't need it if you do things right, because blog commenting most definitely does work for traffic.

    ~ Mike
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    My suspicion is that you will see very little real traffic from blog comments other than from spiders and bots. This can be very deceiving. I don't see where very many people will click on a comment link unless the comment is exceptionally good. That is not likely to happen with a blog commenting service.

    More than 95% of the comments placed on my blogs get flagged as spam, which should give you some idea about the quality you can expect from most blog commenting services. Most comment spammers are in China, Russia and Ukraine. It doesn't matter if the company you use is based in the USA if they farm the business out to those countries.

    Make sure that any comments you contract for are written and submitted by living, breathing, English-speaking humans and not spam bots. You should also receive a list of all of the URLs where they placed comments. That should allow you to quickly identify the level of quality. If the comments are getting deleted or are off-topic, the service is crap.
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  4. Its depend with your comment that you given, its related with the content or not. Also, what type of comment moderation, its auto approved or no. But based on my experience about leaving comment in other blog, its can increase your backlink.

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    My personal experience proves that blog commenting as well as forum posting really help to create quality backlinks.
    Think that will be worth to deal with as they have good reputation.
    Their writers are good and professional.

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    And how much did they pay you for dropping their url?

    Good thing about your spamming is that no links are live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acapulco View Post
    they have good reputation.
    They do not have a good reputation amongst forum owners.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Blog comment is best way to get traffic. Relevant comment in appropriate category will increase your rank and traffic.

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    Still a waste of time to comment on blogs.
    More and more blogs are not accepting comments (easy way for sure to never having to deal with spam).
    And most blogs that accept comments put everything into moderation (I do, if akismet passes it on to me as not spam).

    But you all that really believe that wasting time on blogs and commenting in hopes your comment is approved?
    And that you believe you will get traffic from blog comments?
    And that you believe that it will help you in google rankings?
    Keep on trucking is all I will say.

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    You can get some good traffic from blogs. But it's going to cost you some time and effort. Use scrapebox for good and scrape a list. Manually vet the list for quality blogs. Then you will need to write highly informative comments that will drive traffic. The bottom line is that the opportunity cost of producing this kind of comment is in the order of $50 each. In the right niche this is cost-justified. You get what you pay for. A bot is the bottom of the food chain and a paid poster is little improvement.

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