I launched a site about 3-4 months ago and the very, very first thing I did was some blog commenting (On nofollow and domains that don't have nofollow). I left probably 25-30 great comments out of which maybe 4 got denied so the comments and the back link are appearing on the articles.

  • all the articles were new, less than 2 days old when my comments were published.
  • all the sites the articles were on, have been indexed in the engines
  • all the sites were some how directly related to my niche

Now the problem is, that after I did the blog commenting, I went and hit up some forum signatures and competitions forums that allowed links to other sites and they are still in place. Around 20-30 of these as well. Its probably been about 45 days since I finished this up.

But in google webmaster tools the only links that are showing up for some reason are the links from the forums?

So far, 0 links have showed up from the numerous blogs I left comments on, and even after going back to double check them and they are all still there. Does Google not give bennefit from blog comment links any longer? I'd venture to say that 98% of the blog comments I left were on wordpress blogs.

I'm not really complaining as the domain is ranking #4-6 already for a highly competive keyword that had sites established for years before I came along. But if these blog comments would count, (or atleast show up in GWT and let me think they are counting) I wouldn't be here asking this question , and I'd hopefully be 2-3 (It'll be a while before over taking #1 as it has sitelinks and is an authority to be reckowned with first!)