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Thread: Whats up with blog comment links?

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    There is a great advantage in SEO because through blog commenting you can very good progress in optimization.

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    This an old thread, but what Will said in 2009 is still correct today, perhaps even more so since Penguin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    All of my tests show zero results from both forum signature links and blog comment links.

    I'm not talking about "can't get pages ranked well", I'm talking about "can't get a page ranked for a unique keyword that has zero competing pages on the entire web."
    I fully agree with Will. We have done extensive testing on forum signature links and has only seen a minor ranking improvement when the forum topic is directly related to the site in the signature. There is zero effect for other sites.

    I have not seen any ranking improvements from blog comments for at least 4 or 5 years. By default WordPress adds the nofollow attribute to all comment links, unless the site owner has a dofollow plugin installed. Even then, we found no positive effects from blog commenting.

    Google is ignoring or discounting these types of links. Anyone who joins a forum or adds comments to blogs just to pick up PageRank or improve their rankings is spinning their wheels. It is a waste of time and there is no SEO advantage.
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