Ok, so in order to pay back some to this community, and to actually document a fresh site from A-Z for myself, I decided to start this thread. The goal, $100 per month from Adsense and either Kontera or Infolinks only (ie no affiliate offers). Why $100 and not $50K a month? Well, in my mind you have to make $100 a month before you make $50K, so that’s the goal here And when I first started with Adsense a million years ago, $100 was the minimum payout from Google (not sure if that is the case now) so that’s the goal.

The specific sub-niche that I have chosen will peak in April/May, and subside a bit in July until the following October. Stats for the target keyphrases will be posted when I decide on them. I know from experience with other related niches that this is a little late in the game for this niche, but I don’t know what I don’t know so what the heck, will give it a shot….competition is considered moderate (not high, but not cake or easy).

Since no plan sustains first contact with the enemy (or multiple Google algorithm changes and Panda runs), I’ll revise the plan as I get bright ideas or feedback from SERPs, etc. (ie more things or tasks may be added before the first 30 day assessment). I also work in spurts, so some things may happen well left of the goal time/date, others may shift right…

If you have thoughts, feedback, or other ideas to share please do so! If you see a task listed with no expense, assume I accomplished myself. If you see a link that looks like an affiliate link assume it is. Strip the stuff after .com/.net/etc if you want. No affiliate links are included in the initial post.

Desired timeframe to reach goal: March 30th, 2012

Updates: At least weekly on Sundays when possible
Niche: Sports
Budget: No More than $400 USD

$100 Per Month Case Study Initial Plan:
1 – Buy domain – Done through GoDaddy. I check the NetBuilders GoDaddy coupons thread first for coupons before I buy a domain. If no joy, then I go to Google…Purchased on 5 December 2011. It is an EMD (exact match domain), but not an “awesome one”…about 700-1100 uniques a month depending on what tool you believe….to preserve the quality of the study, the domain will not be directly posted. It is three words vice two, so don’t know how much “bonus” that will equal. Cost - $7 USD Remaining Budget: $393

2 – Create the basic site in Wordpress – Done – 6 December 2011

3 – Pick a free theme that I know how to manipulate – Done but not activated yet WordPress › Atahualpa � Free WordPress Themes
Basic theme is still up. If I find another theme to use will post. - 7 December 2011

4 – Post a single main page of content > 500 words – Done 10 December 2011

5 – Install Basic Plugins – Done 10 December –
Google XML Sitemaps
Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress
Jetpack to use a few of the tools while the site is new
WordPress › Jetpack by WordPress.com � WordPress Plugins
5.5 – Get domain indexed. By the time I thought about using the Netbuilders quick indexer, it was already indexed – 11 Dec 2011

6 – Finish Keyword Research – In progress. Goal is to be done by 13 December 2011

7 – Pick top 3 articles to write personally in a “Panda Friendly” manner…(in my mind this means > 700 words).

8 - Contract next 15 articles for a length of > 500 words – 13 December 2011

9 – Post top 3 articles - 15 December 2011

9.5 – Incorporate Adsense to the Blog – 15 December 2011

10 – Create FaceBook Fan Page for the site – 17 December 2011
11 – Syndicate blog content to FB Page and connect to Twitter – 17 December
11.5 – Post sitewide link on a PR 3 Sports blog that I have (note if truly starting from scratch, I would request from others 1-2 of these or purchase). Will be on the same host/IP so not perfect.
12 – Post 15 articles – 21 December
13 – Contract Web 2.0’s for all content – 22 December
14 – Contract Article Marketing blasts for all Web 2.0s – 30 December
15 – 30ish Day Assessment – 10 January 2011

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I forgot to add this part! Doh...
Total Number of Articles planned: 40-50 for a mediumish site!