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    Customized 404 Pages are reeeally important.

    Last month, I wrote this post, "7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog (Most of which you havenít done)".

    There, I told my readers how important 404 pages are, and that first-time visitors to a good 404 page may even convert into loyal ones.

    In that post, I linked to this article, "WordPress tips and tricks - custom 404 (error) pages"

    It teaches you how to make customized 404 pages. You need to have a little HTML knowledge, though.

    I also linked to this article,

    "5 Tips to Make Your 404 Page More Usable"

    Well, if you have that default and rude 404 page, you should really go customize it now!
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    I runned a small search and fount out that those 404 pages were very inspirationnal:

    Mixing great/humoristic text and images together is always a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic SEO View Post
    Mixing great/humoristic text and images together is always a good idea.
    Yeah, good idea I think as long as you make it look good, you're OK. I mean, there are different ways to make your site better than fixing your 404 page, but you should always change it from the default.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lethalboom View Post
    Hey guys.

    I recently read an article on Blogussion that got me thinking... how important is a 404 page?

    Well, the article highlights a load of good points that are well worth a read. When I changed my design I decided to change the 404 page a bit too...

    What do you do for your 404 page? Do you pay attention to it?
    This is probably one area that I've always neglected, and I need a kick up the backside to get in charge of.

    We all have areas we focus on and ones that we let slip.

    This is clearly mine

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