Here is a list of five solid blogging tips that you must always keep in mind:

Using a Clean Design- A blog does not have to have all the latest technology and trendy stuff to be effective. A simple, clean design – with quality and rocking content – will compete with the other designs every time. KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid!

Skip the ads in the beginning- It is very obvious that a brand new website is not going to earn much from private ads, so why keep them? It really does not leave a good impression on people if they see a week old blog and all 'advertise here' banners. (Even AdSense, why? you may just earn a bit)

Go Blog Commenting on The Right Blogs- Blog commenting is a key method of getting targeted traffic. Pick a blog in your niche and things will go well. Try and target smaller blogs as the owner may come and comment on your blog.

Use social media- Social media is THE best way to get traffic in early stages of your blog. Just make a few friends on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. Things will sail! I remember Let's Sermo was just three weeks when it got 7k visits from StumbleUpon in a day.

Do not leave out SEO- Search Engine traffic is gold, do not forget to optimize your site for them. As time flies search engine traffic will increase.

Have any other tips to add?