5 Things That Will Ensure That You Remain An Unsuccessful Blogger

You site is hosted on .wordpress or on .blogspot-If you are serious about blogging, you should invest something in your blog. This small investment is most essential.

Your blog name is pathetic-You come up with a blog with good content and a good design but have a pathetic name that is tough to remember or is irrelavant to your niche…BIG mistake.
There is a blog that gives tips of Photoshop which has the name of a tech blog. As expected it is doing very badly.

You clutter your blog with advertisements from day one-Without having good quality content, you cannot put up too many advertisements. It is alright if it is limited to banner ads in the sidebar, but text ads in the posts, are a big NO.

Your mascot has nothing to do with your niche-This one needs no explanation. You cannot really run a tech blog with a dog as your mascot.

Your design- You pick a pathetic looking free theme, that has been used over a million times. You do not bother about it and you continue blogging with this theme.

So basically, you have to understand this post and not make these mistakes. Do you have any other points to share?