I was going to publish this as a blog post but decided to share it here:

7 Possible Problems With Your Blog

  • Not having a logo - Branding is important in the blogging world, just as it would be for any other business. Get some sense of identity with a logo early on, and start marketing your blog as a business, rather than just another small blog on the Internet.

  • Not having your own domain - The BIGGEST possible mistake you can make is using a .wordpress or a .blogspot. You cut down 99% of advertiser prospects and leave a bad impression on your readers too.
    (If you don't have a domain/hosting just let me know I'll try and help you out)

  • You keep changing your theme - Some bloggers think this is cool and their readers will love it..WRONG. Loyal readers hate it when you keep changing themes as they have to keep adjusting.

  • Not having a tag line - Your blog should have a clear tag line that is relevant to your blog's content. This makes all your new readers aware of your blog's content.

  • Missing out on basic On Page SEO - On page SEO is something that is a must for all blogs. Plugins like the All-in-one-SEO plugin for WordPress make things very easy.
    (I know I have to work on this one for Let's Sermo..irony!)

  • Not having a fixed niche - I made this mistake with Let's Sermo. It was a mixed bag and was doing pathetically till I focused on one niche. (Earlier I just had 30 feed subscribers, now I am nearing 500 and it gets 25-8,000 monthly visits)

  • You do not encourage comments - Always end your posts with questions and ask your readers to share their views. Remember- Each comment raises your blogs value.

Please feel free to share more problems you see with blogs nowadays.