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Thread: Is It Alright Not to Have a Niche

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  1. Is It Alright Not to Have a Niche

    I was thinking about starting a blog on my site to try and draw some attention and I was wondering if you guys thought it would be alright to not have a niche to a blog?

    If you want talk a look at the title of my Blog and that is sort of what I am going for.

    Address: The Need To Know Blog

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    A niche is kind of essential to getting dedicated traffic, unless you're like, but even that is in the "humor" niche. Complete and utter randomness is probably not the best way to go.

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    I agree. My first blog was a personal-type blog, with very little direction and no common theme running through my posts. I just wrote about anything, from music to computing to home life.

    It became an interesting project and allowed me to learn the ropes of Wordpress and blogging, but it never attracted much traffic. People that arrived at my blog from search engines soon left the site (i.e. a high bounce rate) because they couldn't find more content similar to the original post they landed on.

    Also, when you get further down the line and you want to think about advertising, you can command higher rates if your blog has a readership that is interested in one topic than if your reader are varied and their interests are fragmented. It becomes easier to select advertisers and makes SEO/SEM easier.

  4. Let's Sermo was an 'everything goes' blog and it was doing pathetically. No loyal readers and people used to keep unsubscribing. - That says it all.
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  5. But how about if I wanted to try and appeal to everyone. Build my blog with certain categories, which has a bunch of articles. Would that be good?

    And how specific should the niche be? Like having a webmaster blog, would that be specific enough?

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    I wouldn't recommend it as a startup - it's probably best to choose a niche and as you expand, perhaps extend your outreach to further potential niches.

    As mentioned by several above - it's best not to just jump right in as you will end up with content all over and a loss in quality by focusing on variety.

    Get specialised with something and create a blog on that, this way you can provide better quality content meaning more readers and ultimately more traffic to your blogs with the potential of financial reward.

  7. Thanks for the advice guys! I will make sure my blog is specific to webmaster information. Anyone else have a webmaster blog?

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