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Thread: Any Penalties for Blogging too much?

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    Any Penalties for Blogging too much?

    I have started writing a ton of posts for my blog, and I want to publish them at different dates and times to fill up some of my empty archives (for example, I have no posts from August 2009). If I start adding content to my blog and posting 5-10 times daily, will Google look at this as spam and penalize my blog?

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    Try to control your postings. If Google see's 10 pages today and 20 pages the next day, it will not be so keen on penalizing you. However, if it finds thousands of pages out of nowhere, then there is a problem. As long as you have unique content, without tons of links pointing out, you should be fine.

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    You'll also need to be careful about the automated ping feature. You might get penalized if the sites on your ping list just keep getting hit by your blog. Oh, and if you have RSS subscribers, you'll want to be sure they won't get pissed by a ton of updates. Sometimes there's more to consider than just whether or not Google will penalize you.

    But, I'm sure Google won't do anything as long as you post unique, genuine content with few outbound links.

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    i prefer quality post instead quantity

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    Quote Originally Posted by geraeldo View Post
    i prefer quality post instead quantity
    That has nothing to do with penalties or google.

    I agree with Kovich, about the automated ping feature.

    This video will really help, I hope.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Can I publish 100+ pages at once?[/ame]

  6. I think no penalty from Google. However, it is best if you don't write a bulk of posts in a day and then leave your blog idle for a few days. Search engines love regularly updated blogs. It will boost your traffic.

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    I think there is no problem to create new post every day because, It helps to get more visitors, if you update your blog every day with new pages than your blog will get crawled every day. And your rankings will also improve.

    What you think?

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    when i setup a new blog, i love to pay a lot attention on it (two post perday n social bookmark) for a month ... after that i slow down to weekly post
    it work, min traffic i got around 100 +/- and if lucky i got increment slowly, if poor content it will stay there .....
    and my classifieds site start with 50 post perday, this month i reaching 300 daily uv

  9. Think about what the major news sites like yahoo news, bbc, cnn,,,, and some of the other big sites do. During normal times they might publish a few articles a day. When a disaster hits, or big news breaks, there might be a surge in articles.

    By what people are saying here, that means that google would give Yahoo, CNN, Fox News,,,, a penalty? That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

    Publish as many articles as you want, when you want, and dont worry about it.

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    Texashiker is right, also think about the Press Releases made everyday on different medias on a very short period of time...
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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