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Thread: Anyone taking part in project 52?

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    Anyone taking part in project 52?

    Be a little more creative this year. Join Project 52.

    It's something I came across on someone elses blog late last year and interested me as I was looking for something to motivate me on creating new posts on my own blog.

    Basically the idea was starting from the beginning of the year (although it's now been changed to paddy's day) everyone who signed up was going to try and write at least one post per week in their blog (i.e. 52 posts in the year).

    I know a lot of you have blogs that you update regularly, but there are those of us who create blogs and then hardly ever post in them...which this project was aimed at.

    Anyway, anyone taking part?
    I have been since the beginning of the year and it's been pretty good so far (for my blog if not anything else).

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    I've read the website, but are there any more benefits than just the motivation to write posts for your blog (it's a big motivation already though but just wondering)
    |Nico Lawsons

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    As far as I know the site is going to be changed/updated (whenever the people behind it get round to doing it) to include posts from all the blogs that are taking part, and removing the ones that have stopped taking part (i.e. havn't posted something in the past 7 days).

    There was an idea to create a widget to have all the blogs taking part put on their site - giving links to new posts from the network of sites.

    But I have no idea when they are planning on doing it - or if they even will.

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