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Thread: Anyone tried Joomla?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    Plus the fact that I've always used WP so it's almost become like a second nature to me. The one time I used Joomla I realised it wasn't for me, as WP is just so much simpler to use. Plus the fact it's really easy to install new themes/plugins as there are so many out there.
    Exact same thing here. Once, I bought two domains, one linked to a wordpress blog and the other to a Joomla established site. The 2nd one was a pain and didn't last long. :P

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    Well if you are using Wordpress...Don't go near Joomla :P Its totaly confusing.

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    I tried it, and then uninstalled it. I was looking for an optional way to build sites. For me, it was easier to simply build a site from scratch than to figure it out that control panel. Very comfy doing my own CMS stuff because good with DB's. I'm a big fan of WP for building a site or blog on the fly.
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    It is extremely customizable, it is definitely worth a try.

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    Used it, loved it, hated it

    You can do amazing things in Joomla but it definitly has a steep learning curve compared with Wordpress.

    It can be very confusing at first.

    I've pretty much tried all the major CMS systems - wordpress is the easiest my favourite at the moment is Expression Engine - which is somewhere between the two (Wordpress and Joomla)


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    As Homer Simpson would say. "Joomla, is there anything it can't do."
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    Yes multiple editor accounts with defined roles - big ommision.

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    Used it in the past and it's quite frankly amazing, may be not easy for the first hand user but you learn quickly & easily!

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    No experience with it. I've always stuck with WordPress.

  10. I've used it once but I prefer wordpress
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