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Thread: Appropriate Price To Charge?

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    Appropriate Price To Charge?

    Hey guys,

    I'm developing a page on my blog (Hire Me | Youth Business Blog) which will advertise my freelance writing. You can access the page with the password: webmasterpeers

    I've never done freelance work before. What do you think would be an appropriate price to charge for an article? $5 for starters? $10? $7.50?
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    This should be in freelancing. Also:

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    For starters do $0.01 per word. Once you are backed by some good people, for example, I can definitely say Farrhad is one.

    If I am not wrong people pay up to $150 per 1000 word article so pricing is up to you.

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    I would never hire if after reading 'First 3 people...'.That means you have no past experience.

    Just a friendly suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
    I would never hire if after reading 'First 3 people...'.That means you have no past experience.

    Just a friendly suggestion
    Agreed. There is no reason to discount your services unless you charge a lot. Since you don't even know how much you're going to charge, 50% off could be like...a penny.

    I would say start at $0.01 or $0.02 a word until you get into the habit of writing for clients and can write in a variety of formats and effectively meet word ranges.

    If that doesn't sound like a lot, then you need to do the math. 600 words at $0.02 a word is $12. At $0.01 it's 6 bucks.

    Also, even if you think writing an 800 word article will be easy, I want to warn you. It takes a lot LESS words to write something than you think it might. That means that for 800 words, you have to have a lot, a lot of information. Unless you're a bad writer who fluffs up content.

    Find some buyers around your internet contacts, twitter, other forums, and whoever contacts you.

    One last thing: you don't have to password protect a new under-developed wordpress page. Just don't publish it...You can use preview to see how it looks.

    Now I'm going to bug you about your sales copy, because I can.

    Sales Copy

    Why hire me? Itís simple. I have the ability to make your blog stand out. I can provide a valuable teen perspective on a variety of different topics. This perspective is rare and sought after, and above all, respected.

    You may not have the time to write an in depth article in 400 Ė 700 words. I get it. We all have busy lives. Why should that impact the quality of your blog?

    For a low price, I can research and provide an article that will leave your readers begging for more!

    Iím experienced in all teen topics, especially:

    * Business (Marketing, Investing, Money Management, Jobs, Running a Business)
    * Writing (Developing Grammar & Style, Effective Construction)
    * Teen Social Life (Friends, Maturing, Being Responsible)

    Heck, I can even write about anything else! Even as an added bonus, the first 3 clients receive 50% off their quote (get your article half-price)! Just fill in the details below.
    To be completely honest, I wouldn't hire you just after reading the first sentence. "Why hire me?" It gives the reader a chance to say "Good question! Next!" Never give your customers a chance to say no. Instead, make them say yes.

    "I can provide a valuable teen perspective on a variety of different topics." Well, most of the people I talk to don't really want a teen perspective. You should work your age, definitely, but nobody's going to know it's YOU that wrote the article when you do ghost writing. Instead you want to argue that you can continuously deliver personable and interesting content because you have a lot of ideas and creativity as a teenager. But you want to write like an adult.

    "I'm experienced in all teen topics." Again, unless you work exclusively with teenagers who run blogs, or people who run teen blogs, you should just say you're experienced in these topics...yadayadayada.

    "Heck, I can even write about anything else! Even as an added bonus..." You used "even" in two consecutive sentences. Makes the content feel a bit juvenile, and don't use the word "heck."

    I'm not saying my page is all that great, but just take a look at how I handle this (and Courtney too):

    Hire a Professional Content Writer | Writer Seven
    Obvious Writer Lives Here Ľ “Need A Copywriter?” - Welcome To My Humble Home. A Random Collection Of Copywriting Rants, Resources News, And Entertainment

    Just trying to be helpful.

  6. Logan sure has a lot to do now
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    I wont quote Corey's post because it's really long

    Thanks a bunch Corey! That's the stuff that I look for when I ask for help in a forum - stuff that is harsh criticism. A lot of people these days have some silly value of respect for a person, and so that person doesn't receive the help they need.

    I'll get on that
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    One path you might want to follow is this. Find some of your favorite more popular blogs that you would love to write for. When I say more popular, I mean ones that get more than a few thousand hits a day, and are most likely making some money. Then write for them, and do it for free. Just contact the owner, offer up a couple of samples, and then let them use it for free. Even see if you can get a regular spot, working for nothing.

    Once you establish yourself, go to a similar site or their competitor, and ask them if they are hiring. Show them how you are a regular post, on this other popular site, and that you are in demand. If you are good you will get paid.
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  9. Corey definitely makes a very valid point,even thought i am very young myself i never accept a job if i think that i cant pull through,because there is nothing that destroys your reputation as bad work for important clients
    I thankfully didnt have much of this experience,happens sometimes but thats just the way life is.

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