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Thread: Arne Brachhold's sitemap plugin

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    Arne Brachhold's sitemap plugin

    I'm quite sure many people would be using Arne Brachhold's sitemap plugin for their Wordpress blogs.

    I see that the sitemap page also displays the last time the page was edited.

    Could this prove to be a method for Google to detect link selling? I'm talking about previous indexed posts which I edit in order while selling in content links from that post.

    I understand that ordinarily ( without the sitemap) Google will see the difference when it crawls the pages, but with the sitemap ( which Google downloads every day), they'd probably have a better idea as to what the site owner is up to.

    Any thoughts or comments on this?
    Great men are always almost bad men

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    i don't think you can be detected when you use it

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    I appreciate your answer, but would like a more in depth post detailing your reasons for the same.
    Great men are always almost bad men

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