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Thread: Autoblogging

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    I am again getting into setting up autoblogs that pull from amazon and clickbank.
    Thus far, doing good at this.

    Now, only those webmasters who rely only on google for traffic worry and obsess about duplicate content.
    And if you depend only on google, you are a fool.

    Most webmasters believe it or not do not worry about duplicate content.
    For they drive traffic to their sites using many sources and they do not bother with google.

    Would you rather spend $100 and get 5000 real visitors to your blog who stick around and actually make you money?
    Or spend that $100 on seo or whatever it takes to get 10 visitors from google who could care less about your blog?
    5000 real visitor for 100 dollar ? means each person cost u 0.02 ? can guy us how ? if that really convert i don't mind paying for 0.2 or 2 per customer ....

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    That was just an example.
    I have found that buying traffic is a hit or miss proposition.
    Really depends on the site you buy traffic for.

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    Google update is not killing autoblogs! attention to exactly what google is doing.

    And what idiots consider autoblogs to be a negative in seo?
    Again, a dumb statement that is false!
    Some of the best autoblogs are done so well seo wise.
    Again, google could care less about seo and autoblogs.

    Before you make statements, get proof!
    I see so much trash talk in forums from people who have no clue as to what google does and does not do and certainly no clue at all about what SEO is and is not.

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    This is the best resource online for AutoBlogging . . . MetaFever wrote a 6 part series that is pretty definitive:

    How to Set up an Autoblog & Blog Farm |
    Automated One-Way Text Links >>>
    Get Hundreds of Blog Comments>>>

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    I am not recommending auto blogging methods that leads to the duplicate content penalty. Instead of using auto blogging ,you can create the mini blogs and drive some profit campaigns.

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    Some cons in autoblog:
    - Need some initial investment,
    - You'll need lots of blog to make decent money
    - Expensive to maintain.
    - You risk yourself being banned by Google Adsense

    If you have money and know what you're doing, you could do it. But I really hate when I browse, and find myself in autoblog site. I'll just click back, and block that site from my search result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmartinn View Post
    It's like an Internet Marketing Magic button. You accept to do some anatomy of different aberration to differentiate your website from others and get it ranked and authoritative money. Content alliance is accepted on the web and encouraged by abounding big names accouterment APIs and feeds to do so. But if you artlessly apparatus an auto-blog and sit aback cat-and-mouse for the money to cycle in, it ain't gonna appear IMO.
    Another dumb post that makes no sense because you copied this from someplace and ran it through an article spinner to get all those nonsense words.
    Try reading what you want to post before you post!

    Geesh, the people who post dumb, useless and irrelevant stuff!!!!

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    People who copy something from a site, then try to hide it and make it unique by running it through a spinner.
    Then posting the crap result here like it is so good.
    Read your post again....

    Geesh.....I get tired of nuts like you who post stupid things like this....
    Clarify things out....
    rank able-bodied for a accidental aeon

    Shows you are not an original thinker!!!!!!

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    He is one of a new breed of spammers that take content from somewhere else in the thread (in this case post #17), run it through a spinner and re-post it.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    I know and it is a pain.

    So many threads have such ridiculous posts.
    In all forums.

    Hard to stay ahead sometimes in deleting and banning this sort of stuff.

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