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Thread: Automated Blogging Tools?

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    Automated Blogging Tools?


    Do you people use automate blogging tools?

    I have seen that auto blogs can do very well if monetized correctly.

    Let's discuss the down side of such tools.


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    On one of my blogs, I am using wp-o-matic for content and wp-videotube for getting youtube videos. Seems to be doing pretty well. I am getting about 100 vis. per day.
    Not getting much from adsense though since it is entertainment niche..pays about 2-3 cents per click.

  3. I have always stayed away from autoblogging.

    Reasons being:

    -No unique content
    -Copyright issues

    However I have seen people with success. Recently I saw an auto blog being sold for 14,000$.
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    I don't really care how much money it might be proposed to make - autoblogging defeats the purpose of blogging. If you take posts from other places and add commentary, fine, but creating a blog just to steal posts? It's cheap.

    In addition, you can get in some serious trouble if your software decides to start taking protected content.

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    I don't like the whole auto blogging kettle of fish, it's mcspammy and risky.

    Where's the heart?

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