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    Back to Basics

    Now this just hit me earlier this afternoon.
    I was checking the rankings of posts of my main blog.
    Post titles, quickly indexed by google and mostly showing on page one.
    What is in the post, keyword phrases, same thing.
    Even parts of articles, etc///same thing.
    Then it hit me!
    I get nothing by using at the end of my posts bad anchor text!
    Like using "Click here" "read more here" "continue here", etc.
    So starting tomorrow when I make another post, every single article, part of article, etc. will use anchor text of keywords and/or title.
    That should bring even more of my blog posts into google search!

    Anyone else as dense as me on this?

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    That would work. Another thing you could do is make the "read more here" or "click here" nofollow. That way, they don't pass any link juice and you can keep more of the link juice for other deep linking links.

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    Worse still: the "click here" link is an incentivized link

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    Today's post has no click here, etc.
    All using phrases, keywords, etc.
    Mostly the title of the piece.

    I am not worried about do-follow and no-follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranjithsf1 View Post
    I did not get a single word of what you all are speaking here. Do you mean to say that words like Click here, Continue reading are bad SEO techniques and will lower the position of your blog in search engines. Why is it so?
    Another doubt- How can you eliminate such things on blogs when you do not wish to show the entire post on the home page of the blog that amkes it difficult tracking reads?
    This is about anchor text

    ...anchor text influences the queries your site ranks for in the search results
    Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Get a more complete picture about how other sites link to you

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