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Thread: Being Proud of Your Blog

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    Being Proud of Your Blog

    As an online businessman, people often approach me and ask to see my work, browse my sites, or simply request information about how to get started online. Therefore, I am very careful to ensure that everything I publish on my sites (especially my blog) is quality content and full of accurate information. Anyone who has been around the NB community for a while knows about my ethical guarantee and other such commitments. But, let's take this thread in a different direction...

    Are you proud of what you do online? Are the internet properties you own respectful enough to show friends and family, or do you hide your work in the shadows? What sort of things do you really focus on when making a site, in order to ensure a high level of quality? For me, I always start with the content... I make sure that what I post has substance, accuracy, and valuable information overall. I also stay far away from trashy graphics/designs/advertisements and get-rich-quick schemes.

    Overall, I would say that I am quite proud of my blog! Voice your thoughts. In the meantime, check out my most recent post all about creating a quality blog that you can be proud of: How to Create a Blog to be Proud Of
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    I've been building BlogRevolter for a short while now and I can honestly say that I am proud of the value that I've created thus far. I've taken the time to write in depth articles and to answer people's questions when they ask. If someone asks what my blog is, I show them. It all starts with the content and I think that I have done a good job publishing good, quality content. Now, I am not so proud about another one of my sites, but that's because I have lagged on it. I am going to get back to updating it this summer and then I'll be proud of it again.

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    I like to strike a balance between what I am proud to show to friends and family, and those sites that my mom may not like so much
    Otaku CMS - Import a WordPress blog and manage your site using single-page App technology
    Angular Skills - new site about Front-end App. programming

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    yes. I am proud of doing blogging.

    My blog is my media partner to broadcast my message to this entire world
    Its my platform to find new friends and sales leads

    so i am proud of this and keep on doing this future also

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    Earlier blogging neither was my passion nor was it my job… But after intend into reading I felt something is there who is insisting me to write and now I’m the proud owner of my blog… Now I love to share my thoughts and ideas

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    Sometimes people gives me blank stares when I try to explain what I do online. For the sake of wasting no one time, now I just use 'I sell drug' as my default answer to such questions.

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