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Thread: Best Blog SEO and traffic tips?

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    Smile Best Blog SEO and traffic tips?

    I am wanting to start blogging full-time, in order to drive traffic to my website,
    however am stuck with how to optimize and increase my blog search traffic! What are the best SEO traffic and exposure tips for bloggers.

    Smart Boy !

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    try social media, blog comments, articles submission. and bookmarking.
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  3. Start by making sure that all of your on-site optimization is taken care of properly... tags, headers, properly optimized content, etc. Without the right on-page optimization, your off-site work will not be nearly as successful.

    Look for popular blogs in your niche, and do some guest blogging. That will give you a quality backlink, and it will put your name, your link, and your knowledge out in front of targeted traffic.

    Do some article marketing, and every time an article gets published, tweet it and bookmark it on several of the social bookmarking sites.

    Also, look for forums that are related to your niche. Create a signature, and become a valuable member of the community.

    Just remember, off-site SEO needs to be well-rounded, and it can take some time. Don't give up!
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    I am using a program named Blog Commenting Demon and it is ok. Due to its data base is pretty limited, to be honest I have no much confidence in blogging, right now I'd rather spending more time on Social bookmarking and article submission

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    My best advice for optimizing a blog is quality content that is keyword heavy. I would rather have a loyal reader who view my blog from their phone, home PC, laptop and work terminal than five unique viewers that never come back because I have irrelevant, shoddy content on a page overly littered with ridicuouls links.
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    Start connecting with like sites and getting in contact with the owners on the phone if you can. Write articles that are relevant to your site, but please do not have awesome articles just to have a lack of quality content on your site. This is like baiting someone. Make sure when people get to your site it is what is expected to say the least.
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  7. try social media
    Make sure you promote all of your blog posts on the social bookmarking sites. You might want to set up a few other blogs and whenever you post on your main blog, go on over to your other blogs and write blog posts on those blogs and link them back to your main blog post. Then do some social bookmarking of those blog posts, as well.

    You might also take a look at "Scribe SEO" which will help you optimize your blog posts and the content that you're writing.
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    Try targeting long tail keywords for your blog posts. When you write articles, write about new and upcoming news.

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    The best way to increase stat is using pinging tools

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Smart Boy View Post
    I am wanting to start blogging full-time, in order to drive traffic to my website,
    however am stuck with how to optimize and increase my blog search traffic! What are the best SEO traffic and exposure tips for bloggers.

    Smart Boy !
    Besides creating good content on your blog, get more exposure by building relationships with other top bloggers in your niche and see if you can guest post on their blogs while adding an anchor text link back to your website. This will give you a lot of traffic and boost SEO.

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