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Thread: Best Blogging Sites

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    Best Blogging Sites

    Everyone has some blogs that they read often. What's your favorite? For me it is between Dosh Dosh and Problogger. Both of them have great, helpful content and are an inspirations to me.

    I would be interested to know your favorite blog. Who knows, it may become my new favorite.

    So which are the best blogging sites?

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    ShoeMoneys' blog has been a great one with usefull info, sixrevisions is also a nice one. ProBlogger is cool indeed

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    I have no favorite ones, but I am a regular reader of:

    Blog Tips for Better Bloggers | Blogging Tips from Blogsessive (we share the same name :P)

    Daily Blog Tips

    Adii Rockstar|Creator of Rockstar Awesomeness

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    I don't have a single best and favorite blog, but have a big list of tech blogs that i keep track of and every blog in my list is my favorite.

    Don't like to just copy/paste so you can check the whole list here -
    Top 20 Tech Blogs that I Admired during year 2008 | Case studies

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    @Farrhad LOL. My personal blog is a favorite? Cool.

    My favorite blogs are Obvious Writing (Obvious Writer Lives Here - Welcome To My Humble Home. A Random Collection Of Copywriting Rants, Resources News, And Entertainment) and Youth Business Blog (Youth Business Blog - Business for the young in age and mind!). Both have amazingly helpful content.

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    I have a huge list i subscribe to around 80-90 blogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Fraiser View Post
    Just checked out and it's really amazing! Thanks for the new blog Alex.

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    I agree with corey 100% on the Youth Business Blog idea...

    Other than that:

    Blogussion & Asnio - Alex Frasier is a genius

    Writing Whale (before it got taken down), but Corey's Blog other than that

    Teenius - Simon is a cool guy

    Of course Let's Sermo!

    TeenLawnCare because i'm mowing lawns this summer

    Techzie - Not sure of the right link, but he writes like a pro!

    All written by teens!
    Visit my business blog!

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