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Thread: The best MMO blogs

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    The best MMO blogs

    I found a great page at 45n5 (it appears to be popular, so maybe some of you might have already seen it) listing the 364 best blogs about making money online.

    Actually, the list is interesting only for the first 20 sites because anyone can add its own website to the list (there's a form)... so the last results are, let's say, decorative.

    Of course many big names are there:
    Problogger is first closely followed by Shoemoney. Daily Blog Tips takes the third spot. Surprisingly enough, Dosh Dosh outclasses at #4.

    Anyhow, I find this list incredibly useful to discover new sites about Blogging and Making Money Online. While you’re at it guys, why don't you try submitting your sites too?

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    In my opinion those kind of lists aren't that good. I mean, sure, they'll have some good lists in there, but no one knows about every single MMO blog on the internet. For instance, they don't have Blogussion in there, which is probably up there with the finest blogging/mmo blogs out there.

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