Hey guys.

I think we should start a thread on here where we can exchange blog comments. Here's how it should work:

1) PM me your blog URL. I'll then add it to the list below.
2) Do a comment on any of the blogs in the list.
3) Post in this thread saying 'posted at <sitename.com>, from <yoursitename.com>'. This way people will know where to return the comment and who sent it

If people aren't commenting back, please PM me and if I get enough angry people I'll take them off the list

The List
(Forum name - site name - Site URL)
Simon - Teenius - http://bit.ly/6xVyn
Farrhad - TheDollarDiary - http://is.gd/w6uX
Farrhad - LetsSermo - http://is.gd/w6v5
Gloson - GlosonBlog - http://is.gd/wjmK
rahuljrark - Cool Tips And Tricks - http://is.gd/xf99