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Thread: Blogging Contest. Vote for me guys :)

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    Blogging Contest. Vote for me guys :)

    I enrolled myself for Tycoonblogger's Rookie Blogger Of The Year Contest and was selected amongst 17 other contestants. The contest has started today and will be there till the end of this month.
    Any votes for me from the netbuilders community will be greatly appreciated.

    The poll is live at the right sidebar of the website.(here : VOTE now for the Rookie Blogger of the Year | Tycoon Blogger)

    I'm 9th from top, looks like this :

    Thanks guys

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    |Nico Lawsons

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    Vote given

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    Voted for that green froggie.

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    Hooray for froggies! Voted. Good luck!

    Diet Fads

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    Voted, you are in 2nd with 6 votes...1st has 12

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    Thanks a lot guys

  8. Voted to buddy .

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    I didn't think it would be fair or right if I just voted for your blog just because you asked.

    So I took a look at your blog - its really good! I've bookmarked it so I can have a good read later, in the meantime you've got another vote

    Good luck with the competition!
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

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