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Thread: blogging platform

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    Blogger and Wordpress are the most widely used. However, LiveJournal and TypePad are also quite popular.

  2. there a new one that just posted not long ago here. flatpress

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    I'm using Google Blogger and WordPress.

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    By far blogger and wordpress are the most popular and have the lions share. Plenty of other alternatives though if you search around.
    I build and maintain a website about dehumidifiers I've even started a blog about them!

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    you can use Joomla as a blog too

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    Here are few more

    Enjoy free blogging

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    Well, I use wordpress only for blogging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubylene View Post
    What are the blogging platforms do you know? Share it here!
    Wordpress is by far the best I have used

  10. I'm using wordpress right now. There are other service similar like this as well such as:


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