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After doing adult projects, proxies and a lot of other boring stuff, I'm in need of something else -- the thing I need is a goal. Most of my goals are over already, almost everything got accomplished so I'm happy of myself.

Something new, but still awesome to talk about, that's the thing that was going through my head for the past few weeks. I'm not a real blogger, so that's where The Blogging Project came into my mind. Some people know me, some people don't. But most people that know me, realise that a lot of the passed projects I had were succesfull, but could be way much better if my mind listened to the thousands of tips they received. Too bad that I've only done the most easiest ones, and in the end I sold the project since it could be a long-term earning project. But that doesn't matter now, it's all over and it's time to start something new!

What does The Blogging Project mean?
It's the name for my new project, blogging. Not just blogging, no, I'm going to invest very little, to no money into this project. But I'm going to try to get the most out of it. The investments are simple, one domainname ($9,25) and one year of hosting at HostGator (66,72$) and a few articles and promotions from here and there. The total investment cost will be: $100.

Let's see how much the earnings will be, for an investment of $100 with 1 blog. To keep you updated, here are the statistics so far:

I'll try to keep you updated people, follow my Twitter account to get the latest updates faster than anywhere else!

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