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Thread: Blogging Traffic Affiliate Case Study

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    Blogging Traffic Affiliate Case Study

    In this case study I will attempt to teach and succeed in the field of blog traffic affiliate marketing.

    As usual, we need a nice domain name with the keyword in it.

    But, as a first step, I research the keyword and find that the blog traffic keyword has 49,500 monthly global searches according to the Google Keyword External Tool.

    So if we attain #1 Google ranking, we should make some good money from our visitor traffic converting on our affiliate links related to getting Blogging Traffic.

    To make this work, it is easier if we can get an exact match keyword, so I will search on and see what comes up.

    As expected, the .com, .org, and .net were already taken, but interestingly, the .info was available for just $2.99 with free whois guard. So I decided to go with this for a challenge.

    One thing to remember about the taken domains is that they may not be built sites i.e. cyber-squatting, so they may offer low competition. If you were not as lazy as me, you would check them all out.

    OK, so step 1 is to research your keyword. Step 2 is to register a good domain to go with it.

    I did these steps now i.e. I confirmed that my keyword is in demand, and I registered a domain containing the keywords. Total cost so far: $2.99

    Look out for the updates.

    Edit: You may notice that I already link on this keyword in my forum sig. but this is for another domain name that is at #11 in the serps. Also, I was thinking to register a domain called blogtrafficer before I spotted that the .info was available.

    Sidenote: with no competition, you can easily rank #1 for a great brand name. I have an example in: Resource Box Wizard
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