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Thread: Blogs On Blogging

  1. My favorite would be Problogger, i've learnt a lot from there.

    Even DBT rocks, but sometimes he just posts for the heck of it as he has to update it daily. But i must say I have had many Q's answered very well by Daniel.

    Blogussion is also up and coming.

    As for their future...1,000's of new blogs are created daily. These blogs have a lot of scope ahead.
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    As Farrhad said they have a lot of scope. Traffic may keep coming in but ideas may fall short.

    My favorite is StandOutBlogger.

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    I think on the long run these bloggers will run out of ideas.

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    Actually, I have no favorite. It is because their quality and benefits of articles is not consistent (to me), so it varies.

    But if you insist, here are my top 3 favs, ranked by how much they've helped me.

    1. Problogger
    2. Copyblogger
    3. DailyBlogTips
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    I really read many of these blogs.

    Copyblogger is my favorite. I love his writing style.

    There is a lot of scope for these blogs IMO.

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    The only one I really read is problogger but I've read a few more recently like Teenius and Blogussion.

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