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Thread: Can I earn money through blogging at or

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    Arrow Can I earn money through blogging at or


    I am writer but never had the time to create a blog for myself. Till date, I have been writing only for my clients.

    At the moment I have about 30-35 empty blogs with me (about 4 months) at and which I used to use solely for checking up my stuff.

    I wanted to know whether I can use these blogs to generate money. Maybe write blog posts for myself and use them.

    I truly need some suggestions related to whether they can be used for adsense or not, whether I can use them to earn money through other resources or not. It is my desires to earn about 500USD per month from each of these blogs in coming 6 months.

    I am looking forward to your suggestions.



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    If I am not mistaken you cannot use AdSense on either of the free domains.

    According to me, if you want to earn from a website the least you have to do is spend on a domain. It really is essential.

    You can try affiliate marketing, it may work well.

    Take my advise, spend on the domain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    If I am not mistaken you cannot use AdSense on either of the free domains.
    Actually, you can use adsense on blogspot but not on wordpress, that means, if you want to blog on a free domain and make money, I'd recommend blogspot.
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    If you apply for an AdSense account with a .blogspot domain, the application will be rejected.

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    As said, you can't use Adsense on Wordpress blogs.

    I really can't recommend getting your own domain enough. A .com will transform your blog into a site that is actually (in my opinion) worth visiting. For the $10 you pay per domain, it's a tiny investment.

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    I don;t trust adsense:P...go for the premium ads
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