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Thread: Check back links

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    For backlinks purposes i use Yahoo site-explorer through Seo-Quake. Just a click away. I don't bother monitoring my competition's backlinks, but i do see them once in a while if there are any relevant pages where i can possibly place my link too.

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    I am using webconfs for back link checking and reciprocal link checking.

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    you can use automated tool to check back links of a website i.e. back link checker tool, yahoo site explorer, Google webmaster tool. But these tools cannot give you accurate result, so check back link of site manually by using:
    link: site url It shows the all the back link of site in a better and accurate way.

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    I usually use Y! Site Explorer but sometimes I also use BacklinkWatch but I don't find it impressive.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    I usually use Y! Site Explorer but sometimes I also use BacklinkWatch but I don't find it impressive.
    That probably is the best tool for checking backlinks anyway...

  6. I only use Yahoo Site Explorer for checking the number of backlinks...I think that is enough..after all we rarely know which backlinks are weighty and which are not. I prefer doing more and more backlink building instead of going on checking backlinks cos I think it is of no use

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    Quote Originally Posted by markgordano143 View Post
    I found a tool which helps in checking back links for websites. It's "backlink watch".

    I enjoyed using it. You can also check this tool.
    Backlinkwatch is inconsistent. Don't bother using it.

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    I use Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools.

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