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Thread: Check back links

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    Check back links

    I found a tool which helps in checking back links for websites. It's "backlink watch".

    I enjoyed using it. You can also check this tool.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by sturat View Post
    yahoo site explorer is mostly used to check competitor's backlinks
    Site explorer is probably the best tool for checking back links but you can use site:url as well.

  4. I check always check backlinks with yahoo site explorer and with google webmasters.

    Other backlink checker tools are based on google and yahoo apps.
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    There is numerous seo tools available which help to check backlinks. But I use seo quake and yahoo site explorer.

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    Yahoo Site Explorer is most popular than any other, & I personally used it for counting back links.

  7. Personally, I use google webmaster tools and yahoo site explorer.

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    Seoquake add-on for Firefox would be another handy tool for this purpose. Of course, backlinkwatch would return more detailed information on backlinks.

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    To get a variety of tools, I use..

    backlink watch
    Niche watch
    Link diagnosis
    Inlineseo Stylish plugin

    Actually I have a lot more to share depending on what tool you wanted to use.

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    I use
    Backlink watch

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