Auto blogging is a very hot topic and everyone wants to know of it. I decided to make a thread on it.

What is auto blogging?

Auto blogging is a relatively recent development in the webmaster world. It involves having a blog that is automatically updated, so that the owner does not technically have to monitor the blog at all. This is useful for people who have little or no time to put into creating a blog. There are a number of pros and cons for auto blogging, which I will now be going through.

Auto Blogging over normal blogging

There are a number of benefits to auto blogging over normal blogging. The first and most obvious is time benefits. As mentioned above, auto blogging significantly reduces the time required to run a blog. The automated system pulls in the necessary data and displays it on the blog, so the owner can simply start it and leave it to do itís work.

Another benefit to auto blogging is that the owner does not need to know anything about the subject to which the blog is assigned. This means that a vast number of autoblogs can be created about a large number of different subjects. When combined, this can make a large network of data that a number of people are going to find useful.

A third benefit to autoblogging is that it requires little or no creative knowledge, as the articles are being bought in and the owner does not need to write them.
Lastly, an autoblog requires little or no technical knowledge, as someone can be paid to set it up, and from there on, no technical data is necessary to run it.

Auto Blogging : The Problems

While there are a number of benefits to auto blogging, there are some definite issues that need to be taken into consideration. The most important of these regards unique content. As the ownerís blog is taking other peopleís work, this can lead to a number of issues. Firstly, the people you are taking the work from may not be happy about this and it can lead to complications. As you do not technically have a right to take their work without asking, if you do not gain their permission beforehand you can run into all sorts of problems. The most advisable thing I can suggest is to contact a select few blog owners that you really want and tell them you want to use their work on your site and tell them it will expose their work to a number of other people. Itís much better to be rejected with your offer than to find yourself in a legal battle!
Secondly, the fact you are not using unique content can cause problems with search engines. The search engines can label your blog as automated and if they do, it is definitely not a good thing. Search engines look for unique data and if they find you are just copying a bunch of other blogs than you will be penalized.
Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, most people want to gain new information from blogs, but the whole point of them reading a blog is they want that personal touch. If you are drawing on a load of different blogs, you can get a number of different peopleís views and opinions on the same kind of subject and that will put off a lot of blog readers. Also remember that if someone posts something that is racist, abusive or such like, people can think you have written it as it will be displayed on your blog!

How to avoid these problems

The best way to avoid detection is by following these simple rules.

Contact the owners of blogs to make sure they are happy for you to use their data
Make sure you monitor your blog closely so that any poor or duplicate blog posts can be deleted
Be sensible with the amount of blogs and more importantly, the amount of data you take from them. A daily post is more than enough to keep people checking back and is also less likely to cause issues with the search engines.
And finally, remember that unique content is always the best route to take. If automated blogging is the only way you can blog, do so. If you have to do so, why not see if you can add some unique posts in once in a while? It will help bring in more people to your blog and doesnít take long to do. People love to see that personal touch.

I hope this helped you.