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Thread: Dealing with negative comments

  1. Dealing with negative comments


    I'm sure you guys would have someone or the other posting some negative comments on your blogs.

    So how do you deal with them?

    I just calmly reply to them and be as polite as I can.

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    Sometimes I ignore that ones that are extremely negative and have nothing to say. The others I tend to response in the most polite way I can haha, seems to be the best.

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    Lately a few mates of a mate have been leaving some pretty nasty comments on my blog. By that, I mean very nasty, and I'd probably get banned for posting what they say

    For the malicious comments, I'll just delete them. It looks bad on my blog and doesn't help anyone. If, however, the comment has what they think is wrong and also WHY they think it is wrong, I'll definately allow it and hopefully reply with a useful answer. It's like criticism really, you should learn to live with it and use it as advice rather than be offended

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    negative comment not always bad, it's like a critique to make our blog or post become more better. I will reply it calmly and try to get some suggestion from him/her

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