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Thread: Decent Sized Blog To Single Hub

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    Decent Sized Blog To Single Hub

    I recently took a hub on "making money online" that had been making me a few bucks a week (I have other sites, so don't assume I'm one of those who writes about making money before making money lol) and put it into a single hubpage hub.

    I might do this with a few other niche blogs I have, as I am learning some decent ways to get a LOT of traffic using hubpages.

    figured I'd share that


    if anyone is interested in offering reviews on things I may have left out on "making money online" or things to change, please tell me. With 17 pages of content I'm sure I missed some things.

    How To Make Money Online - Everything You Should Know
    If you are good at writing/blogging than I Highly suggest joining me at

    Hubpages can turn into a great source of income.

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    You took a hub and made it into a hub? I think you made a typo somewhere.

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    You mean you took an; Idea, article ...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcristo View Post
    You took a hub and made it into a hub? I think you made a typo somewhere.
    I got lost as well.

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