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Thread: Do you have a blog?

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    I have several... I find that Wordpress is simply too easy to use and that comes in handy for someone that is HTML ignorant! Though, for a few of my sites something like Joomla may be more suited, but I've just not gone there...
    My Homesteading blog is not worth reading
    My Magick site is not worth it's server space
    My Occult forum is likely something you'd not have an interest in
    My wife's Hedgewitch site is worth checking out though...

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    Yes i have a blog related to SEO and 1 another blog related to Photo and wallpapers.

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    Yep I do.. I have a few, and like many others, they are all built with Wordpress.

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    I have too many blogs....hahahahahaha

    Just counted....21....

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    I have a few niche sites that run on Wordpress, but I wouldn't call those blogs because a blog is something that you update often and niche sites (at least mine) get content like once every 6 months. So I would say that I don't have a blog...but I recently bought a domain and will probably maintain a personal blog on that domain.

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    I have a lot of blogs include this blogspot blog at my signature.

  8. I have few blogs in WP and trying to promoting these but still not succeed

  9. have several but only develop 2 blogs

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