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Thread: Does your website have a blog

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    Wondering how many community owners here have a website that has a blog to it?

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    I have a blog, but it's integrated into my IP.Board install via IP.Blogs. I was thinking about shooting towards an offsite blog or a separate Wordpress install for blogs but decided against it since I wanted to create more content on the forums.

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    I have a few blogs... I like blogging... I write poems and things and post them on there... oh and my blog on these forums

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    I should have probably specified before voting on the poll. Some of my websites have blogs, some do not.

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    Both of my forums have a section for blogs. My staff/general usage blog is located in that section. I also have various other blogs that are used for whatever purpose I need them for at the time.

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    no for me. my website isn't that big to have a blog for itself. I only have a blog for myself. ^^

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    I have a blog as the main part of my site. I used to write a lot of tutorials and a Wordpress blog was the perfect CMS for me.

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    I'm not much of a blogger, I don't really know what it is even. But people on my forum can have blogs. Maybe I'll look into it.

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    I have a vBulletin License which has the vBulletin Blogs product with it, I also have my live site (The Geek District) using IP.Board and IP.Blogs. I have a multi user blog site in the making, a blog focussed towards vBulletin Hosting (Wordpress makes a great CMS ) and my personal blog, - In short, yeah

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    Hopefully before we release Woxle I will have something like a blog up with a few articles but it may not happen.

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