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Thread: Don't Take Motivation for Granted

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    Don't Take Motivation for Granted

    Whenever motivation strikes, REAL raw motivation, I tend to take it for granted. Though, in the past I have learned to take my motivation for what its worth. If I feel motivated to run miles, I will. If I feel motivated to write tens of articles, I do it.

    Don't expect your motivation to linger into the next day. Use it for all its worth while the energy is present. It will surely boost your productivity and earnings, and you will feel that much more accomplished!

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    Yes that's very true,I myself have a hard time motivating myself most of the time,learning xhtml/css at the moment and its pretty hard sometimes,but sometimes its just good to force yourself,and then when you start working and figure something out,it drives you and gives you some real motivation,at least thats how it is with me

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