After writing my other thread on 'how to lose readers', I read another article from Darren Rowse (well, I think he can take that as a compliment :P) which fits pretty well with the topic.

It presents 'A few thoughts on how to lose readers well' (as in, how to avoid being moraly crushed by deserters).

Since copying everything everything from the original source in here would have exceeded the word limit (per post) I'll simply give you the link and we'll work from that.

The second point, which is Listening to Critique, was discussed more than once on WMP, but I would like to add once again that is important to know how to listen to your dissatisfied users, and of course, how to interpret their messages and to convert them into concrete actions.

And IMO, #7 is the cherry at the top of the sundae. Like a passive 'bitch-slap'. :P

Your participation would be much appreciated.