I need to add drop-down functionality to menus in WP. I've tried these two plug-ins, but there were not as simple and quick as I would have liked:

Dropdown Menu Widget | shailan
CSS DropDown Menu � Plugin Showcase

The next thing I found was Suckerfish and Sons of Suckerfish:

A List Apart: Articles: Suckerfish Dropdowns
Sons of Suckerfish | HTML Dog
Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns | HTML Dog

Again, they require a bunch of code modifications, but at least it's all easy cut-and-paste stuff.

I can do basic WP stuff but haven't done much code modding. The Suckerfish articles don't explain what file to place the HTML code in! I'm sure I'm probably supposed to just know, but I don't. I'm sure the CSS part of it is supposed to go in style.css, that's a no brainer, but I'm not sure where the HTML part is supposed to go. So my dumb question is.. in what file am I supposed to put the Suckerfish HTML code?

Even better, is there an extremely quick and simple plug-in for dropdowns that does not require code modifications that actually works in the top menu and not just in the sidebar?