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Thread: Is it easy to get rich blogging?

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    Somebody wants their readers to admire them?
    And what consistency?
    Like pizza dough?
    Cake batter?


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    To get rich blogging you need a lot of targeted traffic. It helps tremendously if that targeted traffic yields high conversion advertising or product sells.The amount of money you can make depends on how much money your niche can produce and how much exposure you provide.You won’t get rich from a free blog so you need to start a professional blog with your own domain name and web hosting.

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    Its not exactly easy to get rich blogging but there's no easy way to riches anyway.
    To get rich rich you'll need alot of traffic with good conversion rates.
    You'll also need to spread the word about your blog in alot of ways for maximum exposure.

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    it certainly could fetch you some good income and if you are passionate about some topic or in your niche you could certainly earn some extra bucks with blogging.

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    It's only easy if you are good and lucky and know how to SEO

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    SEO has nothing to do with getting rich.
    Just need that niche that will interest a buyer to buy you out for big bucks.
    Like AOL getting huffpo and techcrunch.

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    to get rich in blogging you have to work hard and update content constantly.. nothing get free in this world..

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    No it's not! Lol.

    Especially if you're newbie and using google adsense to make money.

    My favorites way to make money online is to place banner ads which basically contain my affiliate links in niche that related to my blog. Or just create my own product, then put some pitch at the end of each post.

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    Yes, it is possible. Easy? No.

    I don't think that anyone should build a blog and think of becoming rich the next day. Money should not be a motivation at all..The motivation to write should be to actually help people in the niche you are writing for.

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    You set up a niche blog that is of great interest to a very specific audience. Then you generate income from your blog in one or more of the subsequent ways:

    1. Advertising your very own products to the people who visit your blog.
    2. Promoting affiliate products.
    3. Promoting CPA (cost per action) offers, where you get a commission every time your visitors perform a specific action.
    4. Utilizing Google Ads, where you make money every time someone merely clicks on an ad on your site.

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