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Thread: Is it easy to get rich blogging?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    My finding is this:
    The rich do not waste time by posting or even going to forums, message boards, etc. that are not for the rich.
    So if there are rich bloggers, they are not wasting their time here.
    lolz... Totally agreed with you.

    But i would like to add a small twist, Rich do not waste their time on forums, message boards, etc., but they hire people to do the same.

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    Providing more informative news to their visitors helps the bloggers to be rich. They know the way how to attract the visitors to their blog. Since many bloggers are having returning customers. This helps them to make rich

  3. It depend with your effort to get your dream. If you seriously manages your blogging, I think its very easy to get rich as you want.

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