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Thread: Economy and Blogging

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    Economy and Blogging

    As everyone know (if you don't, you're probably an alien or some kind of weird abberation :P), the entire planet is hitten by a major economical crisis, also knowned as the 'credit Crunch'.

    But does it affect the online world as much than in real life? According to, no.

    Darren has been busy gathering stats from August 2006 for his job listing service ( He came to the conclusion that there wasn't that much of a problem, as you can see on this graphic.

    Obviously, companies are still ready to hire bloggers and designers that will be able to deliver specific services and products.

    I strongly suggest that you take a look at Rowse's original post, at :

    Personally, I don't think the economy is treatening the online world (at the moment), but it might turn like this soon enough.

    What do you think?

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    does this also takes in account the problogger jbs became famous during this time period and darren was also putting more efforts on it.

    and hence one of the possible reason for having high volume in otherwise lowest scenario

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    Simply because it is emerging service so its not get hit hard by international recession re what we known as "Credit Crunch". It badly hit financially & real state sector but has less effects on on-line world. As above graph depicted.

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    In my own experiences, it would mean blogging has been a nice channel for promoting and building quality backlink purpose these days.

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    even through economical crisis, there are still tons of people on the web that are hiring bloggers. This is because the job can be done anywhere and the employer may come from a place where there's no crises, So if someone out here needs a job. I think online job is pretty good.

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    Blogging must have a return, as if that wasnt the case it wouldnt be a for hire proposition.
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    Lots of companies have been avoiding the whole social media boom. Many corporations wouldn't historically let their marketing and IT departments create blogs because of what they perceived as legal liabilities associated with blogs. There have be MANY documented cases of Cxx's and other officers of corporations getting into huge lawsuits and/or losing jobs over things they have said on blogs.

    But as time moves on, those companies are convincing legal departments that they NEED to have a blog. I experienced this same transition at an online mortgage company that everyone here is likely familiar with. As more and more companies embrace blogs, there is more and more demand for employees who can generate content for their blogs. Seems natural that the demand is going up. Not surprised at all.

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