I decided to make this list to help all the new bloggers out here.

Blogging takes more time then you might think- You should consider getting a partner or someone to work under you if you are low on time.

Your blog's design speaks volumes-Try and invest a bit in it, if content is King then the design is Queen.

Your presentation must be good- Present your content in a way that it is easy for new readers to find the older posts they might find interesting.

Use Tags- Tagging is an essential way to add information to help people find similar posts. It also helps search engines.

Your readers hate typo's- Always run a spell check. It speaks bad of you if you make spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Search Engines are here to stay- Do not concentrate too much on social media. Make your site as SEO'd as possible.

People still use Internet Explorer 6- Yes, it is a fact. Optimize your site for as many browsers as possible.

Consistent Traffic Is Almost Impossible- Although posting needs to be consistent to keep traffic levels around the same, that doesn’t mean that it will keep traffic levels consistent. Every blog has periods of ups and downs and two days are rarely the same.

Feel free to add some more.