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Thread: Finding more RSS subscribers

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    Lightbulb Finding more RSS subscribers

    Hi. I just finished watching a video from Darren on techniques to get more sucrivers to your feed. Okay, most of the advices are the same than the one applied in order to simply get more traffic, but there are some points covered in the video that you should know.

    [ame=""]Find RSS suscribers[/ame]

    And in case you don't feel like watching the video, here's a list of the tips:
    1. You need quality content
    2. Highlight your best content
    3. Write a series of posts
    4. Promote your RSS Feed prominently
    5. Have multiple invitations to suscribe on each page
    6. Promote your feed off your blog too
    7. Publish full feeds
    8. Offer a bonus for suscribers

    Do you mind sharing your own tricks?

  2. Holding a contest is a good way, but many will unsubscribe later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Holding a contest is a good way, but many will unsubscribe later.
    Agreed. It's alll about getting sustainable subscribers, and by simply holding a contest you aren't doing that.

    Also, I must stress the make your feed easy to subscribe to point. For instance, I've seen a nice increase in my RSS count since I put my RSS in the big orange box :P

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    Contests can be kind of a pain, I used to do those. It got new members for me, but they kept expecting another contest. I wasn't running contest site.
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    Again, it's not just about contests here, and I believe that Simon has a good point : the design and postion of your feed button accounts for many suscriptions (or not!)

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    The 'in your face' RSS box like on Teenius is sure to get more subscribers.

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