Just wondering if anyone here are operating any flogs? Flogging is "Fake bLOGGING". Basically putting up a blog that you put up a daily/weekly diary or something about how you make money and how your profits keep rising. All of it bogus of course.

I've run across some flogs for Google Cash pimping a CPA offer that I guess is bringing in money hand over fist. One is somewhere in the $7-10K per month range.

I don't think this is black hat, but definitely gray hat. But then I think about some of the sites I've built. There's a fine line between hyperbole and lying. I'm sure most of the testimonials on sales pages are fake. Many aren't, but I best most are. And the sales page itself is a hyped up reality stretcher, isn't it? At least when it comes to claims of money.

I guess my point is that flogs are/can be very profitable. The "story" on the site that talks about the daily life of a Google Cash owner is meant to peak the interest of the user and prompt an action. For the google cash, I think they only charge $1.95 for shipping and I'm not sure what the payout is, but it's probably decent.

I don't have a problem with gray hat. I probably won't start a flog soon due to my other projects, but just wanted to start the discussion if anyone else has thought about flogging.