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Thread: Forum on a Blog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    We recently converted the TopBits Forum to SimplePress.

    We will add something similar to Expat Intelligence if we can manage to get the traffic numbers to improve.
    Interesting .. Something like this would work well for a real estate agent or an attorney.

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    What do you think the traffic levels need to be at to make it worth the time for forum management? 1k a day or something more/less?

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    Forum is a huge responsibility and you cant just moderate or administer it like a blog.
    And yes, you can place blog along with forum, but it depends on the niche.
    e.g. i have dental care blog as well as dental forum on the same domain. I am getting more google rank from forum, than from blog.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    What do you think the traffic levels need to be at to make it worth the time for forum management? 1k a day or something more/less?
    I think it really depends on the topic. The TopBts forum is struggling at 70k UVs/day, because most everyone just wants free tech support. On the other hand, I have a site on Pseudotumor Cerebri - Types, Symptoms And Complications which seems like it could support a forum with just 5 visitors a day. Those people really like to talk!

    Zeljko is doig a major design upgrade for ExpatIntelligence, Desriann's team is creating quite a bit of new content for it, and ChillingBreeze and Sturat are promoting the heck out of it. I may add a forum there soon -- ready or not!
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    I think this thread has turned so darn funny!!!

    What is the thread title?

    So why do you all reverse it except to make me laugh?

    I could care less if you make a forum and then add a freaking blog to it.


    Okay, coffee now...and yet another laugh at most of you here...hahahahahhaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    What is the thread title?

    It comes to my mind when you say "Forum on a Blog" a full scale forum like vBulletin etc

    But reading into your question -- a light-weight forum or bulletin board like bbPress would be a great way to add short 10 word updates to generate fresh content.

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    Found a nice little plugin for wordpress blogs that adds a forum.
    Mingle Forum Plugin

    Mingle Forum Plugin for WordPress |

    That one I may play with just to see how it works.

  8. Experience with, and recent reading of have kinda got me tending against forums more and more, seeing just how much activity can happen with just comments on a blog alone, albeit Tech-FAQ is a somewhat bad example of this, even though it does get a lot of comments.

    DDJT is an excellent example though! Really inspiring I'd say. Editors of this blog respond to almost every comment, and comment threads are always engaging and interesting. They also actively try to figure out what the community in comments wants to see and make blog posts that match.

    I think then maybe the best bet as far as forums go is to make them only if your users are actually screaming for it, or there's some other kind of obvious identifiable need for a forum. Otherwise just putting it up and *hoping* and trying and pushing people to post there just seems like a lot of pain.

    So in short.. build up an awesome blog that attracts lots of comments and discussion and you got a winner. Provide a forum later only if the users actually ask for it.

    That's at least the impression I'm getting lately.

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    Unexpected success....I knew that my bball stuff would do better this year with the work I did, but did not expect > 20K a day I'm seeing on one of the sites (peak time of year for the niche). I'm going to try Simple Press out to see how this helps or hurts the war efforts. Will see how it goes and report back in a few days. I'm kinda uneasy about doing it for the spam control factor since U.S. college bball fans can be pretty nasty to each other (and to the admin!).

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    Forum, is like a big company. While blog is for personal or one man job... If you can handle the pressure why not.

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