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Thread: Forum on a Blog?

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    Forum marketing offer's the same environment that social sites offer and what the consumers are now demanding; more personal and interactive relationship with the businesses they deal with. Like social networks, forums gives voice to the consumer.

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    if you have wordpress blog ,you can use some of the easy ways
    Wordpress+bbpress 2.0
    Wordpress+simple press forum plugin
    Wordpress+wp-forum plugin
    Wordpress+Vanilla (using Bridge )

    there are lot of other goods ways available.

  3. In a post-Panda world, it seems to be best to put the forum on a separate subdomain.
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    How does SimplePress compare with VBulletin? Is there any advantage to one over the other, if you're trying to bolt a forum on to a WordPress blog?

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    If your blog isn't popular enough, then it would looks like pretty quiet forum.

    Moreover, why bother installing more plugins just to make your site more heavy and complicated than what it should be? Comment form works fine for this, imo.

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    Starting a forum is a big responsibility... Do it only:

    - if your blog enjoy decent traffic, and regular visitors (who can subscribe and take part in your forums)

    - if you can handle the responsibility of moderating your forum (spammers, issuing warnings, supervising the posts, handle queries)

    If you think you can do that, go for it. Else, you should wait for some more time.

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    I think that forums are better than social networks for customer support. It's probably cheaper than answering emails or running a customer support phone line.

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    I think the issue to start or not to start the forum must appear after you'll have the huge number of daily traffic. If yes, then forum will be really necessary and will be an active platform.

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    Definitely. A forum can help all sites keep up with activity. There are lots of forums that have added forums and forum that have added blogs - both work very well.

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    Your idea is best may be it will happen after a time but now a day its not occur.

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